The year is 2394. In the aftermath of the Dominion War, the Alpha and Beta Quadrants saw a brief period of peace. Bajor entered the Federation, the Cardassian Union underwent a controlled disarmament, and the Dominion withdrew to the Gamma quadrant. The Klingon and Romulan Empires, torn by war, are rebuilding. The Breen are driven back once again. It is a moment of pause in the galaxy.  A brief moment of pause.

Each of the three major powers -- the Romulans, the Klingons, and the Federation -- has retreated to its respective corner of the galaxy, each skeptical of the other, knowing that control is just beyond their grasp -- for now.  Rogue groups are threatening the tenuous peace and government corruption is once again hampering negotiations.

In the midst of the tenuous peace, an old foe has resurfaced.  Smarter.  More devious.  More patient.  The Borg Collective was destroyed, but smaller groups formed, reorganized and now return.  They’ve adapted and are more deadly than before. 

            U.S.S. Endeavour

                    TGCO: Captain Alistar McKeon

Under the command of Captain Alistar McKeon, the Endeavour is an Intrepid II class starship specifically designed and built to fulfill Starfleet's primary objective of exploration. Equipped with the latest in the Federation’s most cutting edge technology and assigned to explore and patrol deep space beyond the borders of the Federation, the Endeavour continues to follow Starfleet’s oldest order: “To boldly go where none have gone before”. This sim is set in 2381.

            Second Star

                    CO: Captain Quinton Beck

The SIM will feature heavily on RPG style progression and upgrade of this ship. Think "narrative damage" rather than hit points. We will have the body of an excelsior class starship, but the guts of a tinkered and cobbled makeshift assembly. Every time we succeed or fail on a mission, it will have a lasting carryover to the rest of the SIM.

            U.S.S. Atlantis

                    CO: Captain Benjamin Cooper

The Atlantis is a Sabre class ship that was built to test an experimental Warp drive, which generates an artificial micro-blackhole to use the immense gravitational power to bridge two points in space time, greatly reducing travel time over astronomical distances. On her maiden voyage, something goes terribly wrong.

Join the Atlantis as She is pulled from one sector in space to another trying to find her way back home. Explore the outer reaches of the galaxy and even further as the experimental Warp drive continues to malfunction and catapult the ship from one point to the next.

            U.S.S. Aurora

                    CO: Captain Daniel Westphalin

Once upon a time, the Aurora plied the quadrant, studying unique lifeforms and interesting phenomena. Then, their adventures faded to the background.

But they've returned, with new anomalies to scan, new survey missions to complete, and new science experiments to perform! So let's get out there, people, and start learning!

            U.S.S. Hyperion

                    CO: Captain John Theismann

The year is 2393 and the Hyperion has just been commissioned and assigned to Starfleet's Theta Fleet. As a part of a recent treaty between the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire, the Hyperion has been assigned to explore the largely unknown space beyond the borders of the Romulan Neutral Zone. Granted nearly unlimited access to all regions of the Empire, the Hyperion has been assigned to explore the vastness of uncharted space beyond the Federation's borders and tasked with Starfleet’s oldest order: “To boldly go where none have gone before”.

            U.S.S. Ranger

                    CO: Captain T'mpest Michaels

The year is 2394, seventeen long and fragmented years after the Federation won their devastating war against the aggressive Dominion. Battered and bruised, they've spent much of the interim rebuilding.

An era of peace has now descended upon its borders. The corners of the Quadrant have retreated to re-group and lick their proverbial wounds. It is in this time that the Federation and its military arm Starfleet have harped back to their foundation values to explore and seek out life and civilizations.

Like her namesake, this Intrepid-class vessel is an instrument to advance the boundaries of scientific exploration beyond the borders of the frontier. A leading vessel within Task Force 23, the Ranger is fast, agile, and well armed. State of the art computers give her unprecedented storage capacity, access speed, and rigor conditioning. This, combined with a wide array of sensors covering a large amount of the exposed surface, makes the Intrepid class a premier ship of the line for Starfleet's scientific endeavors.