The year is 2395. In the aftermath of the Dominion War, the Alpha and Beta Quadrants saw a brief period of peace. Bajor entered the Federation, the Cardassian Union underwent a controlled disarmament, and the Dominion withdrew to the Gamma quadrant. The Klingon and Romulan Empires, torn by war, are rebuilding. The Breen are driven back once again. It is a moment of pause in the galaxy.  A brief moment of pause.

Each of the three major powers -- the Romulans, the Klingons, and the Federation -- has retreated to its respective corner of the galaxy, each skeptical of the other, knowing that control is just beyond their grasp -- for now.  Rogue groups are threatening the tenuous peace and government corruption is once again hampering negotiations.

In the midst of the tenuous peace, an old foe has resurfaced.  Smarter.  More devious.  More patient.  The Borg Collective was destroyed, but smaller groups formed, reorganized and now return.  They’ve adapted and are more deadly than before. 

            Starbase Typhon

                    TGCO: Captain Landon Mabrade

Starbase Typhon is a cooperative writing experience conducted by a crew of creative and talented individuals. We invite you to explore our work, our stories, and challenge you to join the experience. As the hub for Theta Fleet, all the fun and excitement starts here! Welcome to Typhon.

            Second Star

                    CO: Captain Quinton Beck

The SIM will feature heavily on RPG style progression and upgrade of this ship. Think "narrative damage" rather than hit points. We will have the body of an excelsior class starship, but the guts of a tinkered and cobbled makeshift assembly. Every time we succeed or fail on a mission, it will have a lasting carryover to the rest of the SIM.

           USS Alexandria

                    CO: Captain Dimitri “Ace” Ivanov

Whether it is a search and rescue mission, disaster relief, wet team operations, diplomatic crisis, emergency medical evacuations, shadow operations or intelligence gathering, the U.S.S. Alexandria serves starfleet in an unique task as first of the pilot program of Advanced Rapid Response Ships to be built. She holds the weight of the galaxy in her hands.

            U.S.S. Aurora

                    CO: Captain Daniel Westphalin

Once upon a time, the Aurora plied the quadrant, studying unique lifeforms and interesting phenomena. Then, their adventures faded to the background.

But they've returned, with new anomalies to scan, new survey missions to complete, and new science experiments to perform! So let's get out there, people, and start learning!

          U.S.S. Zeus

                    CO: Captain Zenaida Neniphim

The Prometheus-Class ship is named after the king of the Greek Pantheon who created humans. What will this ship and her crew create on her adventures? Join us, and help pave the road as you would hope to see it, create a character and live a day in the life of a Starfleet Officer, Enlisted man, Cadet, or even a civilian. All are welcome to come and write with us, grow with us, and explore a side of the galaxy that you didn't see in the TV shows or the Movies.